​​CHRS Testimonials & Guiding Principals

We feel that it is important to identify the things that will serve as our guiding principles as we conduct our business every day.  Following are those that guide us as we serve our clients:

  • Be honest; with our clients, with our partners, and with our co-workers.
  • Treat our clients like we would treat our friends.
  • Work hard to find the right answers for our clients.
  • Kindness does matter. Be respectful, generous and kind, every day.
  • Develop those around us.  They truly are our future.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have worked with Brook Bise, co-founder of Customized HR Solutions, in varying capacities over the past 10 years, and have found her to be very knowledgeable, diligent, and thorough.  She has always been professional and a pleasure to work with, and her responsiveness and availability to clients is unmatched. Brook has assisted me with IRS and DOL audits, facilitation of internal retirement plan audits, required government testing, plan document clarification and interpretation, and a variety of other technical retirement plan issues.  I would highly recommend Brook and Customized HR Solutions."

- Suzanne T., Client

"I highly recommend Brook for compensation and benefits expertise. She is extremely knowledgeable, hardworking and dedicated to her clients."

- Lee D., KPMG LLP Senior Manager

   "I have been thinking about and pursuing some sort of key employee benefit and was so thoroughly confused and disappointed that I never found a solution I understood or trusted. Rick has an amazing ability to convey complex concepts very clearly. The end result was a phantom stock option plan that was very straightforward, fair, understandable and successful. I like the fact that for the first time I understood the plan and feel great about the fact that it is a very fair document and has established a win-win scenario."

-Brad P., Client

"Brook was referred to us when we realized that our former plan administrator had made some poor decisions and our plan was out of compliance.  Brook educated and advised us through the process of getting our plan back into compliance.  She assisted when we decided to change to a new plan administrator and has been with us every step of the way during the conversion.  She is extremely knowledgeable about 401k legislation and accounting issues.  Our 401k plan audits are much less stressful and that has everything to do with Brook."

-Barbara K., Circle Graphics VP-Finance and Accounting

“I brought in Rick at Customized HR Solutions, LLC to perform the Section 280G Golden Parachute calculations related to a recent transaction.  Rick was a great help in both performing the calculations and helping the client evaluate the available alternatives for mitigating the excise taxes.  Rick’s technical expertise was spot-on and he was also very responsive on this time-sensitive project.”

-Patrick K., Eide Bailly Partner

"Brook assisted Checkers Safety Group with a recent 401(k) vendor review and selection process.  She managed the entire process from drafting the proposal to receiving the quotes and organizing a down select discussion with our leadership team.  She further coordinated the final vendor presentations and when this was done turned around and did the same thing for our Fiduciary review.
Brook is very professional, highly competent and a pleasure to work with." 

-Sheri T., Client

“Rick’s combined expertise in legal, tax and compensation makes him uniquely qualified to provide a compensation benchmarking analysis that not only supports our R&D credits analysis but can withstand IRS scrutiny.”

-Joe S., Eide Bailly Partner

"We decided to engage CHRS in 2014 after we received a letter from the DOL regarding our 401k plan. We interviewed several firms prior to selecting CHRS, but after our first conversation with Brook Bise, we all agreed she was the most qualified for the job. Much to our surprise, she was also the most affordable.
Over the last few years, not only has Brook completely corrected our 401k plan to the point that we were able to participate in voluntary correction programs, but she has also educated and trained us along the way."

-Dorothy B., Linc Energy HR, and Payroll

"Rick’s knowledge of Sec. 280G was instrumental in identifying the risks in a client’s proposed golden parachute plan.  As a result, the plan was revised to minimize the tax impact.  Rick’s technical skills and practical approach were ideally suited to gain the client’s confidence.  I will not hesitate to use Rick on future projects requiring specialized expertise in compensation and benefits."

-Tom J., Eide Bailly Tax Senior Manager

" We engaged Brook Bise of Customized HR Solutions to conduct a compliance and fiduciary review of our 401(k) plan. Her report was very thorough and gave us the confidence that our plan was in compliance and we were operating according to our plan document. Shortly after hiring CHRS, we asked Brook to conduct a recordkeeping review as well. This was a very comprehensive process and the result was that we moved our recordkeeping services to a new firm that better met our needs as a small employer."

-Sally L., Client


"Rick did a great job helping us identify, design, and implement a customized retirement plan solution for a local physician group that enabled them to save $000,000s pre-tax. Rick is a valuable supplement to our EB team."

- Carmen K., Eide Bailly Partner

"Brook helped our company have one less thing to worry about by giving us a thorough review of our 401(k) plan, showing us where we were doing well and also where we had exposure to problems that we didn’t realize we had.  Brook then helped us come up with a plan to not just eliminate our exposure but to also revise our plan to make it better all the way around.  Brook has a way of explaining complicated and mind-numbing concepts in a very easy-to-understand way.  And also making you feel that she’s on your side and working hard to help.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

-Joan S., Latisys

"Rick and Customized HR Solutions created more value during 2 custom engagements than any other trusted adviser I can remember. Rick's depth and breadth of Exec comp, benefits, tax optimization, and compliance experience is second to none. However, it is his creativity and character that I appreciate most. We will use Rick for all of our future comp, HR, and benefit work and unconditionally endorse his services. Thank you Rick, we appreciate you."

-Michael Gremley, Natural Acne Clinic COO

"I highly recommend Brook for compensation and benefits expertise. She is extremely knowledgeable, hardworking and dedicated to her clients."

-Lee Dabberdt, Rogue Wave Software Controller