Firm-To-Firm Service Overview


Your firm’s participation in the Customized HR Solutions, LLC (“CHRS”) Firm-To-Firm Membership will help you better serve your clients by accessing deep subject matter expertise around employee compensation and benefits matters on an ‘as-needed’ basis, thus enabling your firm to better serve its clients, fend off the competition, and mitigate the risk associated with providing technical tax advice on these often complex matters. 

Following is a list of the specific topics with which we can help:

Technical Support Services:

  • Compensation Advisory Services
    • General application of compensatory tax rules
      • Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) Section 83, compensatory transfers of property
      • IRC Section 451, constructive receipt rules
      • IRC Section 419, VEBAs and funded benefit plans
      • IRC Sections 421/422/423, ‘qualified’ stock plans
    • IRC Section 162(m), $1M deduction limit/performance plans
    • Proxy compensation disclosure preparation
    • FAS123R/ASC718 accounting support
    • Nonqualified plan compliance
      • IRC Section 409A
  • Qualified Plan Compliance
    • IRC Section 401(a) and ERISA compliance
    • Voluntary Correction Procedures
    • IRS/DOL audit defense
    • ESOP design, implementation and compliance
  • Payroll Withholding and Reporting Compliance
  • Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services
    • Compensation & benefits due diligence
    • IRC Section 280G golden parachute calculations and planning
    • Transaction structuring and post-transaction integration.

Strategic Consulting Services:

  • Executive Compensation Advisory Services
    • Short and long-term incentive plan design
    • Deferred compensation plan design and implementation
    • Employee and Board compensation benchmarking
    • Litigation support/expert witness
  • Equity Plan Administration Services
  • Retirement Plan Evaluation and Design
  • Risk Management and Compliance Advisory Services
    • Qualified plan compliance reviews
    • Form 5500 preparation
    • Fiduciary responsibility evaluations
  • Payroll Advisory Services
  • Human Resource Outsourcing
  • Vendor Selection (“RFP”s)
    • Qualified plan record-keeper
    • Investment advisors
    • Nonqualified plan record-keeper
    • Health & welfare benefit brokers
  • Health and Welfare Tax Compliance and Cost Management
    • IRC Section 104/105/106 application
    • Dependent eligibility verification services
    • Health Care Reform Compliance

Our Goal

We want to be your compensation and benefits technical back office to help you better serve your clients so that there is no need for your clients to look elsewhere.  In addition, we can provide valuable strategic advisory services to help your clients achieve their business objectives and support your firm’s marketing initiatives.  Here are some additional ways we can help your clients succeed.